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Your look into the future of personalized AI, data control, and privacy.

A Secure Bank for Your Data

Curate, cultivate, and control your data story with your own DataBanc

Once You Bank Your Data You Can Use It

Power innovative personal experiences with your data, if you choose.

Personal, Personal Assistant

Once you Banc your data, you can use it to power a personalized bot experience - The Personal, Personal Assistant.

What can you do with your Personal, Personal Assistant?

Travel Recommendations

How does a more personal itinerary sound? Instead of a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to your trip to Rome or Dublin, ask the Personal, Personal Assistant to come up with a better 3-day trip idea for you tailored to your likes and dislikes.

Lifestyle Suggestions

Bored on the weekend and looking for some new fun? Well, ask the Personal, Personal Assistant to come up with some hobby ideas for you and then how to get started. Maybe the combination of food and sports could result in a new hobby? Competitive eating anyone?

Date Ideas

You spent hours swiping, messaging, and talking on the phone. Now the moment is here. It's the 1st date and you have no clue what to do. Don't worry - use the Personal, Personal Assistant to plan a perfect 1st date, and one that shows the real you.

Hi there! How can I help?

Can you give me recommendations for a trip to Rome?

What DataBanc Is

DataBanc is an end-to-end platform that lets you see some of the data that could be out there, store it, and then possibly use it. We help you unlock one of your most important assets - your data - and easily DataBanc it. With DataBanc, we are building a place for you to be able to do 3 main things with your data:

Hold & Grow
Hold & Grow

We want to empower everyday people to cultivate their data future.

Not A Typical AI Company, Because We Aren't. We're A DataBanc

Look, we aren't your typical AI company; instead we are a data bank. We want to help empower people to unlock the future with their data - the future of AI, personalization, and privacy. In the AI-era, data reigns supreme. And what better place to help you power a innovative future than a data bank?

Powered By You? See, Save, and Use ‘Private’ Data That Data Markets Have

Data Markets have info about your age, your family, relationships, your net-worth, your likes, dislikes, and more. And they’re buying and selling it, like right now. Have you ever seen this info? Want to see it? DataBanc lets you tap into the data markets to see what could be floating around. And then we make it super easy if you want to use this info...Perhaps with the Personal, Personal Assistant?

We Take Privacy And Security Seriously

We started DataBanc because we thought you should be able to bank (own) your data. And we believe that transparency, trust, and freedom are all linked to that key idea. How does a company seeking to build a bank for data think about privacy? For starters, we believe in a proactive approach to privacy. We believe privacy should be accessible. And we believe that privacy should be a key part of design.

Data Rights: Flex Privacy

Past data markets, want to flex privacy? For Californians, DataBanc could help. So, at some point want to know just how much coffee you're drinking? Or the range of data your favorite clothing shop collects? Well, you should!

Show Who's In Charge

Save your data to DataBanc, so you can control the 'best copy' of your data; we think it's the 'best copy' because it’s your data and you control it. Controlling your info is important because it can ultimately mean data freedom; controlling a profile at DataBanc is easy, and we think that data freedom is even more important as we live in a increasingly data-driven world.