Quizzes at DataBanc

Did you know DataBanc also offers fun quizzes?

Quizzes are an opportunity to collect the data for yourself. Enjoy quizzes when you have some time, and you can learn a lot of new or interesting things about yourself

Whether it is the new trip, a vacation destination prediction, or something else we create, the results could inform your decisions and fill your data bank. And, because they're a perfect blend of interesting, fun, and maybe even surprising, it is good entertainment too!

But past the fun, let's talk seriously. Broadly speaking, quizzes can be data vacuums. Brands use them to better create, and, then place ads. We think a lot of consumers didn't know that when they took those quizzes, and most of all: we think that's wrong. Quizzes here start with a different premise - they seek to empower people and the answers can right in your bank.

These quizzes are our take on the quiz-data-landscape. Honestly, we do think its fun to turn traits into what food you most embody or learn your horoscope based on your dream vacation. But here's the thing - that data is floating around - somewhere. Why not just keep it in here so you can decide - maybe at some point - to use it for you. Just a thought!


DataBanc Editorial Staff

October 14, 2022