Something Isn't Right

Something Isn't Right

Where your data is now

When was the first time you made a bank account? On average, many people get theirs around 17 or 18 years old. But before you signed up for a bank account you probably had an Instagram, Snapchat, and Gmail

The Problem

Why is it that we as consumers banked one asset when it comes to our money but not when it comes to our data? Something isn't right with that. So, that changes today.
Today, we introduce you to DataBanc: A bank account for your data.

What can you do now?

Today you might be able to do a few things: Organize your data, Trade your data for rewards, and many more features to come!

Things to remember:

Remember when you first had a bank account. You started out with maybe that yearly birthday check. You probably put more money in your account over time. And you got more products over time (like a debit card, etc).
DataBanc is no different. Test us out, test out the concept. Test out banking your own info. We start you off small. We hope you’ll grow your DataBanc over time.


DataBanc Editorial Staff

November 16, 2022