Why you need a DataBanc

Why you need a DataBanc

History of data

Well to begin the first English use of the word "data" is actually from 1600s. And a fun fact, "Data Bank” means database in German.
Lets fast forward a bit: in the early 1800s, the field of statistics expanded to include collecting and analyzing data.
Fast forwarding again to 1945, ENIAC ushered in a new moment in computing - where there was a shift from building computers for specific use cases to building for broader use of computing. Thus, more computers and advances meant more collection of lots of digital information - aka data.

Where data come from?

Data comes from everywhere: your swipes, DMs.

Do you control that data?

It depends on where you live.

Do you hold that data?

Now you do with DataBanc! It seems wrong to have an account for everything besides that information, right? This issue is precisely what DataBanc was built to fix.


DataBanc Editorial Staff

November 15, 2022