The Future Looks Personal, Personal

The Future Looks Personal, Personal

By now you've heard of ChatGPT. I remember the first time I heard about it. Seeing Twitter post after Twitter post, video after video, showing this powerful new technology. It had the power to write code, detail recipes, and even coming up with great lyrics (well, maybe not so great for the musically-inclined).

It would be remiss to not talk about its limitations. It was trained a few years ago, so it doesn't exactly have real-time info. Sometimes it produces wrong answers. As a society, we are also just now untangling the ethical questions that come with producing this type of technology (training the model on the web).

Luckily, ethical researchers, developers, and others are nudging the conversation in a sustainable direction. However, (unfortunately), I think most everyday people don't seem to want to focus on any of that. They care about the fact that their experience isn't a very personal experience. Ask this bot to tell you if you'd like Stockholm. It responds something along the lines that "it's a large language mode" (read as AI), and spits out some other text all to get around the fact that "it doesn't know you."

However, that all changes with DataBanc's Personal, Personal Assistant (PPA). If you want a personal personal assistant powered by your data, then you should have one.

Taking a step back, at DataBanc we're building a data bank. A place where you can get your data, bank your data, and then use your data if you choose. End-to-end.

Our first key product was Import: it helps you search the data market to see what kind of data could be floating around out there. The level of detail is shocking, and you could save a profile that can be used for all sorts of things and novel uses if you want.

Enter the Personal, Personal Assistant. It's a more personal chat experience that lets you plug in your Import data (ex: likes/dislikes) to power a chat experience.

Technology should wow you. It should catalyze a reaction that you haven't had before and show you what a better, different future could and should look like. We think the 1-2 punch of Import and PPA shows you the future. Your data, that you control, is powering your experience (if you want).

When we tested it, the results just felt better. Maybe it was the satisfaction of using my info, the satisfaction of having a more "tailored" answer, or maybe something else entirely.

So now, when you ask this bot to tell you if you'd like Stockholm, the answer you get just might surprise you.


DataBanc Editorial Staff

May 21, 2023