Something Isn't Right

Why Privacy Matters, and the Problems Right Now, in the Digital Age

It's pretty obvious that privacy has been a widely discussed and often popular topic in recent years. New books, weekly articles, and even segments on popular late-night shows have focused on different pieces of the privacy puzzle. While educational efforts and guides (linking to the below blog) have all sought to counter the rise of data-invasive technology and the proliferation of our personal data on the internet, there is still so much to do.

For starters, let's start with arguably the most important piece of the puzzle: why does this all matter? Well, privacy promotes freedom and autonomy; it is an essential building block for trust. Not to sound cliche, but by caring about privacy, you can take steps to protect yourself and maintain control over your own life.

It's clear that a gap still exists for consumers to be able to have cool technology, while not missing out on the key benefits of privacy. If we focus in on that one locus, one of the biggest reasons why privacy is broken is the sheer amount of personal data that is available online that isn;t controlled by you. Yes, you. With the rise of social media/online platforms, it has become easier than ever for companies and other organizations to collect and store vast amounts of personal information

That's the problem we want to solve. We want you to be able to have some sort of control of your data. Where to start? Well, first up, go check out our privacy tooling overview to learn more about tools. Or, create a DataBanc to start building your privacy in a new way. We'll leave you with this: it is important to care about privacy because it protects your personal information, allows you to control your own information, promotes freedom and autonomy, and is essential for building trust. And by using a DataBanc, you can try to get privacy in a new way.


DataBanc Editorial Staff

December 1, 2022